Welcome to PRFI!

PRFI EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION was established under the Psychological Research Foundation of India (PRFI) to provide various psychological based Distance Open educational programmes and short term career development courses in the field of psychology, and other related therapeutic areas.

All the programmes designed by PRFI are to spreading psychological knowledge to all the students and professions and creating to better platform for psychology from theory to practice and develop the skills to the students to work independently as well as under various settings.

Our Vision

Creating better educational platform for the students and implement the scientific strategies at all levels to make a difference in educational system.

Programmes offered

Under by PRFI Educational Institution, there is few number of innovative and new programmes are offered for students and professionals in the field of psychology and other allied subjects.

It offers flexible schedules, open distance learning, accelerated programmes and personal advising that enable adults to balance their family and career responsibilities while pursuing their educations.

All the programmes are categorized under short term and long term programmes. It is based on the duration and syllabus of the programme that was designed and framed by the members of Psychological Research Foundation of India.

Choosing to up gradation of knowledge at this time in your life is a very wise decision on your part and one you will benefit from for the rest of your career and throughout your life. Invest in your future through attend a programme at PRFI and enhance your career path.

Best wishes to all!