This is the nationalized project of PRFI focusing old age related problems specifically Dementia. The main objective of this project is to try to prevent DEMENTIA and other old-age related psychological problems.

Initially we have focusing Tamil Nadu, specifically Coimbatore, Tirupur, Nilgiris, Pollachi, Erode, Salem, Namakkal and other southern districts of Tamil Nadu

How to Operate:

We are taking members at age 50 years and above.

Create self help group in their area.

Each group has minimum 5 members and not more than 10 members.

Providing training and activities to maintain their Psycho Social Stabilization, individual and group psychological counseling given to the old age people (If needed).

Daily activities, weekly group coordination, provide opportunities to participate local social activities, monitoring their psychological changes, monthly health check-ups etc.,


To avoid gradual decrease of old age people's mental activities, social coordination (It reduce the possibilities of becoming dementia related problems), engaging daily activities (Avoiding loneliness, depression and other psychological problems).

Involving persons

Project coordinators, General Physicians, Psychologists, and volunteers of PRFI


PRFI invites application from other likeminded NGOs, Trusts, & associations to spreading this project at all over India. It works to increase the public's access to science based mental health information through collaborating with national and state non-profit organizations.

The selected Trusts, NGOs, & Associations come under "Outreach Collaborating Organization" (OCO) of PRFI. The collaborating has a particular emphasis on reaching all level of populations.

Benefits of OCO with PRFI

By joining the Project under "OCO" an organization can:

1) Getting initial guidelines about how to start the project on their localities

2) Training OCO's volunteers, social workers

3) Opportunity to attend OCO'S annual meeting

4) News letter

5) Enclosed the OCO's details in PRFI monthly magazine

How to apply

Send the following details with our address:

1) Organization's profile

2) Permission letter from the concern person

3) Details of running projects

After receiving your details, the trust board members of PRFI scrutinize them and making a decision to accept / reject their proposal. Within a month, if the organization selected, the proposed organization will get the approved letter from PRFI and also announced in the monthly magazine.

Any Enquiry regarding Geriatric Social Group

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